April/May Telemetry Competition Results

First off, thanks to everyone who contacted us about our competition sharing their adventures, successes and failures. A big congratulations to our winner, Gary Cundill (ZS1GAR) who has been decoding Oscar 100 beacons and telemetry. He sent us a complete writeup about on his adventure on getting various software bits and pieces together to decode the telemetry. Congratulations Gary, you have won a 5W 2.4Ghz amplifier which will come very handy in the setup of your Oscar 100 station.

You can view Gary’s full writeup here.

More Satellite Adventures

Thanks to everyone who has entered and also kept me updated on their adventures:

Stephen Stuttard (ZS6SKY) who has been busy getting the various parts of his station up and running. He even built a new Turnstile Antenna for his QTH

Gert Botha (ZS6GC) who has been active decoding Telemetry from the AO-95 satellite using the FoxTelem software. Well done Gert!

Danie Biermann (RAE Candidate) who had a lot of fun decoding CW signals from various satellites. Looking forward to what you get up to, when you get your license Danie!

Thanks again to all who participated, your HamsatSA Satellite Hunter awards will be emailed to you!

Some of you have noticed that the results were a bit delayed. This is because we have decided to move the competitions to the beginning of each month, and as it is the beginning of this month, our new competition is ready to go. Have fun!

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