Upcoming Amateur Radio Payload on the Tiangong Space Station

As radio amateur satellite enthusiasts we might soon have another space station with an amateur radio payload. An IARU satellite frequency coordination application has been made by CRAC (Chinese Radio Amateurs Club) for CSSARC which is an amateur radio payload for the Chinese Space Station.

According to the application the first phase is planned to have the following capabilities:

  1. V/V or U/U Crew Voice
  2. V/U or U/V FM Repeater
  3. V/V or U/U 1k2 AFSK Digipeater
  4. V/V or U/U SSTV or digital image.

Currently the payload is being planned to be launched in Q3 2022 to the Tiangong from Wenchang.

Its never been a better time to get your station updated for playing with satellites 🙂

Credit to Shujianyang for the Space Station Rendering

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