Satellite Manual Project

Working with Amateur Radio Satellites might sound daunting at first, but once your start reading up more about it then you realize that its actually quite simple. Its a fun aspect of our hobby and you can get start very simply with a handheld and a decent antenna. There are many activities related to satellite. Whether you want to make contacts, receive pictures from space or decode telemetry from satellites there is something for everyone.

The biggest part of getting into this is always getting information. There are numerous sites around the internet where you can get various bits and pieces, but it can turn a bit into a rabbit hole. Because of this we decided to start the Satellite Manual Project. Its essentially documentation for getting into all aspects of amateur radio satellites. This will be an ongoing project, but the aim is to put all this information in one central point for easy reference. The manual is hosted at and we invite everybody to come and help us add information. The source files are available at and you can either submit info via a pull request or via an issue on the repository.

Requests on specific topics are also welcome 🙂